The Purpose of the Foundation

The Mission Possible Foundation is like Charlie in "Charlie's Angels". It is never really seen and stays discreetly in the background, with one purpose only: 

To support and enable projects that help transform education, business and leaders towards a sustainable and just world!


What we do


A Business School Rating Tool

A key lever for change in the business education landscape are rankings and ratings. We are hosting a global innovation project that develops a new rating measuring business schools for their contribution to society.

Link to the PositiveImpactRating.org

The PositiveImpact.Space

Imagine a place where you can read up about latest tools and ideas from world leading innovators to increase your change maker effectiveness. A place where business can find transformative leaders, where you can study as you go in your life journey, improving skills step by step.

“Every man is guilty

of all the good

he did not do”


Helping Hands

Who we are

Thomas Dyllick is the elected President of the Board

Katrin Muff is the Foundation's Treasurer and serves as its Acting General Director

Barbara Dubach is the Foundation's Secretary

All three Board Members work on a non-renumerated, volunatary basis. 

A not-for-profit Foundation in the heart of Switzerland

Gotthardstrasse 20, 6300 Zug | Mailing address: c/o the IBS, Alpenquai 22, 6005 Luzern